Whether it's a hotel, a parking lot or office building you can trust EVdirect to provide you with reliable EV Charging Station installation

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We understand the challenges of EV vehicle owners & their condo boards and we can provide you with the best options to satisfy both

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Choosing the right EV charging station for your home & vehicle is tough. Call us and get honest, un-biased advice

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EVdirect's experience and knowledge of EV charger was great

We consulted with EVdirect and found the right EV charger to fit our needs. Thank you!

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    We are electrical contractors with vast industrial, commercial and residential experience, we have worked in all sectors and have serviced and installed all aspects in the field of electrical construction and maintenance.

    we have our own crew of electricians, we never sub-contact or outsource, we have outstanding quality control. Our crews have the expertise to deal with and locate the best possible and most cost effective EVCS installation

    EVdirect supplies and installs Canadian and US made Charging stations

EVdirect - Ontario's EV Charging Station Installations Leader

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ABOUT EVdirect

EVdirect is a premier Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) supplier and installer. Specializing in Level 2 & 3 multi-station chargers for all sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, multi-res, hospitality, malls, plazas etc......anywhere charging is in motion. As a distributor for Canada's leading manufacturers we offer quality chargers with 24/7 technical support and power management. As a licensed electrical contractor we are able to handle any size installation with ease, securing permits and inspection for all our projects. Our products and services range from stand-alone residential EVCS units to multi station, networked, power-sharing, access controlled and monitored level 2 and 3 super chargers.