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Welcome to EVdirect Inc., a leading provider of intelligent and managed power distribution solutions. Our expertise lies in creating adaptable infrastructure that caters to the ever-changing requirements of our valued clients and administrators.

In collaboration with Eaton, we have introduced the Evolute™, a cutting-edge Smart Multi-User Electric Vehicle Charging System. This turnkey solution is specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges associated with deploying Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) across various industries.

Our client base is diverse, encompassing builders, developers, property owners, property managers, condominium boards, architects, and engineers. We are committed to resolving the present and future EV charging needs of multi-user residential buildings (MURBs), commercial towers, fleets, hospitality establishments, and malls.

The Evolute™ is equipped to address a wide array of obstacles in the EV sector, including limited power availability, remote accessibility, billing concerns, and consumer freedom of choice. Our interactive app empowers users to control, monitor, and make payments for their usage, while our charging station compatibility offers consumers the freedom to select the charging station that aligns with their specific requirements.

Our web app interface simplifies the onboarding process for administrators and managers, allowing them to effortlessly manage end-users, regulate loads, monitor usage, handle billing, and efficiently manage accounts. With our dedicated teams of electricians, engineers, auditors, and project managers, we ensure the seamless and controlled implementation of systems of any magnitude.

At EVdirect, our commitment to reducing carbon emissions across North America drives our passion for employing technology and innovation. We collaborate closely with utilities, inspection authorities, and our clients to educate them on the various options and price ranges of our expandable systems.

Join us at EVdirect as we revolutionize the future of power distribution, while simultaneously making significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable North America.

EC License 7004142

Our Mission

We hope to set a benchmark for all future urban EV infrastructure developments. To reach our vision of providing EV charging for all use cases across Canada and to support the increasing growth in electric vehicles.

EV Charging Expert

Because every one of our installation technicians is a fully licensed and certified electrician you can rest assured that our EV Charging Station installation will provide you with years of worry-free service.

Residential and business customers from all over Ontario come to us to fulfill their EV Charging Station needs. They know that when they partner with EVdirect they’ll get useful advice from EV pros who understand every aspect of this emerging technology. They also know that our prices are some of the most competitive in the province.

Smart Infrastructure

After several years of research and development into electric vehicle charging infrastructure, we have narrowed our focus on a smart scalable solution for the condominium market.

EVdirect, in collaboration with Eaton, has developed the Evolute™, a Smart Multi-User Electric Vehicle Charging System, designed and developed to address the unique challenges associated with deploying Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in new and existing condominiums. The main challenges facing this sector are limited power, remote access, billing, and consumer freedom. The Evolute addresses all these issues by providing an interactive app to control, monitor and pay for usage, including agnostic charging station compatibility, giving consumers full freedom of choice. The Evolute also provides a web app interface for administrators and managers to onboard end-users, control loads, monitor usage, bill, and manage accounts.

Electric vehicles by nature are a technology marvel that is at its infancy and promises to become the standard for personal, commercial, and public transit vehicles in the future. Charging infrastructure also needs to be technologically diverse, adaptive, and scalable. EVdirect has the expertise and advanced technology allowing us to expand and implement software and hardware architecture into smart power distribution, energy storage and integration of renewable resources.

EVdirect is a hardware and software company, offering turnkey solutions for multiple sectors and industries. We are passionate about Electric Vehicles and strive to help reduce carbon emissions throughout North America by way of technology and innovation.

Industry leading service

When you choose the licensed electricians and electric vehicle experts at EVdirect for your residential EV Charging Station installation you’re choosing the company more Ontario residents trust than any other for their EV Charging Station needs.
At EVdirect Inc. we specialize in smart, controlled, and monitored power distribution. We focus on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for single dwelling, multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Our goal is to design and build infrastructure that grows with the needs of the end-users and administrators in a perpetually changing environment. The process all starts with a plan; we determine the needs of the application and assess the infrastructure and capacity to evaluate potential solutions. We work closely with utilities, inspection authorities and our customers to ensure that they are educated and aware of the many options and price points of an expandable system.

EVdirect has its own in-house teams of electricians, engineers, auditors, and project managers, ensuring smooth and controlled implementation of any size system.

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