The Chevrolet Bolt follows in the footsteps of its predecessor the Chevy Volt hybrid and does the earlier model one better by being all electric. It’s a game changer in many ways for General Motors in that it also leaves most of their direct competitors (hello Nissan Leaf!) in the dust as far as range goes. The new Chevy EV gets an impressive 230+ miles off of a single charge which means you don’t have to worry about running out of charge on your long weekend drive in the country. The Bolt is also the first GM EV to support Level 3 DC Fast Charging. But for the most part you’re going to be charging at home using an AC charger. Chevrolet recommends you use the AeroVironment 32amp EVSE-RS AC charging station. They’ve even gone so far as to make this an “approved accessory”.

Chevrolet EV Charging Station Installation by EVdirect

The AeroVironment 32amp EVSE-RS charging station is a 240 volt AC Level 2 charger. This type of EV Charging Station is ideal for home use and is a very definite step up from the easy-to-use but sometimes painfully slow Level 1 chargers. While it does require professional installation this is something the licensed professional electricians of EVdirect can easily handle for you. When you have EVdirect perform your Chevrolet EV Charging Station Installation you’ll have the electric equivalent of a gas station in your garage. This 240 volt charger will allow you to ‘top up’ 40-50 miles of range in about 2 hours so you can come home, unwind from your work day, catch up on your personal business and then head out for a relaxing evening without worrying you’re going to run out of charge.

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The Level 2 Rebate Advantage

Unlike with Level 1, Level 3 or Level 4 (Tesla) EV charging stations you’re eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000 when you have EVdirect install the AeroVironment 32amp 240 volt Level 2 charger for your EV. The program is called the “EV Charging Station Rebate”, (also known as the “Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program”) and to be eligible you only have to have received the Ontario provincial rebate on the initial purchase of your electric vehicle. The charging station rebate covers up to $500 of the purchase price of the charging station and up to $500 of the installation cost for a total possible rebate amount of $1,000. To make things even easier we’ll handle all the paperwork for you to ensure a positive outcome. Just one more excellent reason to have your Chevrolet EV charging station installation performed by EVdirect.

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