Today we came through the news that EV charging stations are removed from 12 Go stations across GTHA that keep us thinking if Ontario Government discourages EV Market. Nick Boisvert, CBC journal wrote in his article:

“The Ministry of Transportation says each charging unit generated around $450 in revenue per year, against an annual operating cost of around $2,000.”
“The chargers were used less than once per day on average, according to Metrolinx figures.”Read more

Commercial EV charging station

Metrolinx claims due to low demand, EV charging stations being used 0.8% on an average per day. And to overcome this program cost, provincial transit agency took off 24 chargers from Go stations following to an end on 3 years Pilot program started by previous Liberal Government.

Removing EV charging stations from Go stations parking lot is actually a short-sited decision. Since Canada is moving towards zero emission Vehicle and promoting Electric Vehicles to help make country greener. Encouraging Electric vehicles as a viable option for people need more visible public charging stations throughout the province.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle ownership

  1. Save Money
  2. Makes Ontario Go Greener
  3. Access to Green Licence Plate
  4. Low Electricity Rates.

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