How to Implement Electric Vehicle Charging in Condominiums



Ideally this procedure should be completed before the board receives an EVCS request or within the first few requests. The corporation only has 60 days to respond to an owners EVCS application request. If an Application is received at any point in time during this procedure, it may require the board to speed up their evaluation and decision process.


Step by Step EV Guide For Condominiums


Data Evaluation, Load Assessment,  Electrical Report and Owners Survey

This is to determine how much spare electrical capacity exists in the building as well as  how many EVCS the building can support. You will be asked to provide;  Single Line Diagrams, 12 Months of Hydro Bills and Garage Layout Drawings. Once all the info has been received, an Onsite Evaluation will help determine where the infrastructure will be installed.  The cost of the Electrical Report should not exceed $1,000.00 and may be provided at no cost if the findings and solutions can be presented to the board.


Why should You send out EV Survey ?

This will help determine actual EV interest among owners in the Condo. The survey will support the previous evaluation and  help management and the board understand who already owns an EV, who is interested in purchasing and EV and who would like to see the Condo become EV ready. Feedback from the survey will help determine  which EVCS option is right for the condominium and where and how to begin the installation. The survey could reveal  that several interested owners are all located on the P2 Level, this info will help shape the first steps of implementation.

EV Direct Survey Form For Condominiums WH





Once the above steps have been completed, a board meeting should be scheduled so as to present the findings and offer various solutions.


The Ultimate EVdirect Smart Solution

This option gives the condo the most flexibility while offering true EV Infrastructure and load management.  The load management and multi-metering is all done at the panel, each owner can install whichever EVCS they want in their spot,  without the need to boost Wi-Fi in the garage.  There are no fees or contracts with this system,  data is available to each user as well as to the  Condo manager. Off-site billing and collecting is available as an additional option, there are minimal service charges to the end user.  Owners are not locked in to a long-term contract, all billing is based on month to month usage.  The cost of the infrastructure can be divided between each user, as owners tie into the Smart System they will pay a one time access fee. once the panel is at  full capacity the total cost of the infrastructure will be fully reimbursed to the  corporation.  There are no cost to non EV owners and the Condominium is set up with proper infrastructure that is scalable if needs change in the future.


EVdirect SMART System Richmond
EVdirect SMART System at Richmond


For every 75 KVA of available power, a regular panel can accommodate up-to 10 EV Charging Stations. With the  EVdirect Smart System the Condominium can now accommodate up-to 20 EVCS at an average cost of $1,200.00 per user to set up the infrastructure.  This can be pre-sold by the condominium to EV drivers, potential EV drivers or owners who see a value in owning an EV ready parking spot.  The approach of pre-selling the available slots in the panel can cover the cost of the EV infrastructure making the Condo EV ready with little to no upfront costs.

A site visit to determine cost of running conduit to each individual parking spot will be scheduled, this will help each owner understand the total costs of installing a personalized EVCS. The average cost to buy into the EV Infrastructure, run conduit and supply and install an EVCS, including all permits and inspections is $3,400.00 per user.




  • Option 1 – Dummy Charging or Single Owner Private Charging

This option allows each condo owner to tap into an existing electrical panel and install an EVCS in their spot. All costs should be covered by the owner, this includes installing a manual check meter which the condo corporation will use to bill for power usage. Average cost per complete install and all applicable permits $4,000.00 – $7,000.00

This option removes any responsibility from the condo and all costs and energy usage is covered by the owner. This option is not recommended, as it is a short term solution that sets a precedent for allowing others to tap into existing electrical panels without proper load assessments. This also drastically reduces the number of EVCS that the condominium can accommodate in the future.



  • Option 2- Pay-As-You-Go Charging

This option is for the Condominium to install Pay-as-you-go EVCS in visitor parking. This system is accessible to everyone and the Condominium can recoup the cost of electricity used.

There is a cost to install this system, typically $4,000.00 – $6,000.00 per station and there are monthly service fees associated with this approach. This solution is limited to the amount of available parking space and total amount of users. Once there are more EV drivers than available stations, potential problems can arise between EV owners, thus necessitating management to get involved by managing charging times etc.. This approach does not necessarily satisfy Ontario Regulation 48/01 of the Condominium Act 1998. There is no real ROI on these stations as it will take the corporation years to recoup the cost.



  • Option 3 – Networked Personal Charging

This option is a Smart Networked Charging Station that communicates over Wi-Fi.  These Networked EVCS have load sharing, data management and is a scalable solution. This option requires the installation of a dedicated panel for the EVCS system. Each user will pay to have conduit run from the panel to their parking spot. Each user will have the same brand EVCS that will monitor usage and load share, allowing more cars to charge at the same time. There are contracts and monthly fees to the end user and the EVCS Company will retain 15-20% of the revenue collected. While this may seem as a viable option, it does not allow individual owners to select their own station and because it is Wi-Fi dependent, load sharing will not work in case the Wi-Fi is down.



EVdirect offers all of the above solutions and are happy to work with owners, managers and board members to ensure timely evaluation and implementation. Our experience and track record will help all parties involved make educated and fact-based decisions when deploying EV charging infrastructure.



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