At EVdirect, we believe that the best things in life are free and that is how EV charging should be!

We provide free charging for all the Tesla and all other Electric Vehicles on the market. Weather you are visiting our EV showroom or running errands we provide one dedicated parking spot with two Level 2 EV chargers. One Tesla Wall Connector and one FLO G5 unit for all other Electric Vehicles on the market. Charging time is available to public free of charger Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. In order for you to toggle between Tesla or FLO, please come inside and flip a switch inside our showroom to enable your charger.

Charging Station: Tesla Wall Connector and FLO G5

Type: Level 2

Cost: Free

Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm



We are happy to announce our SMART EV OFFER for all Condominium Property Managers!

We designed this special offer to help Condominium Property Managers with deployment of Pay-as-you-go Electric Vehicle Charging
Station. Install one or two common stations now and receiving a credit towards your SMART EV SYSTEM for owners and residents in the future.

This SMART EV OFFER will help Condominium Corporations offset initial costs of infrastructure and help build a modular system as the demand for EV charging grows.

Mention this SMART OFFER when you call or fill out our form so we can register you for this amazing offer.


Condominium Promotion


EVdirect SMART system designed for Condominiums. With all the confusion surrounding EV Charging in Condominiums, there are many questions to be answered for Managers, Board Members and Owners. EVdirect has designed and developed the EVdirect SMART SYSTEM with an exclusive Programmable Logic Controller specifically designed for the Canadian Condominium Market.

Our unique system is the most affordable and flexible option that supports large scale EV infrastructure and will future-proof your Condominium for the uptrend in Electric Vehicle purchases.

  • Power metered panel board
  • Measurements Canada approved
  • Overload protection
  • Load shedding
  • Double up on charging stations
  • Compatible with all brands
  • Condo recoups upfront cost of infrastructure
  • Full system installation including owners parking spots
  • Seamless interaction with managers, boards and owners
  • Visitor Parking pay-as-you-go stations
  • Made in North America



Our early summer special is here for all Electric Vehicle owners!

Save $100 off regular price when you purchase one (1) Electric Vehicle Charger from us and complete the installation with us.

We are certified installers for all of the major Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment manufacturers.

We sell all major brands of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations made by: Tesla, FLO, SWTCH, SunCountryHighway, Elmec, Webasto, JuiceBox