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Canada’s premiere EV charging system for condos.

EVdirect Inc. is a leading provider of smart power distribution solutions. In partnership with Eaton, we have developed the Evolute™, a turnkey Smart Multi-User Electric Vehicle Charging System. Our focus is on solving EV charging needs for various industries, including residential buildings, commercial towers, fleets, and more. The Evolute™ addresses challenges like limited power, remote access, billing, and consumer choice. Our interactive app allows users to control and monitor usage, while our charging station compatibility offers freedom of choice. With our web app interface, administrators can easily manage accounts and monitor usage. At EVdirect, we’re passionate about reducing carbon emissions through technology and innovation. We work closely with utilities, inspection authorities, and clients to provide expandable and customizable solutions. Join us in revolutionizing power distribution and creating a greener future.

Smart infrastructure

Smart Multi-Metering

Built-in individual smart meters track the usage of each owner’s consumption as well as the entire system. The data is stored in a secure Canadian based cloud server. Owners and system administrators can access their data though Evolutes user friendly interface for both desktop and mobile applications. Data is free and always available.

Easy Monitoring & Billing

The automated billing platform is seamless and easy to set up. The Evolute is flexible and can charge owners based on time-of-use or flat rate, depending on the buildings preferences. Consumption charges are based on location, season, daily and hourly rates. There are no contracts to sign and rates can be adjusted at any time. For those buildings that want to manage and bill internally, the data is free and accessible to admins and third-party billing companies.

Load Management

The Evolute software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to maximize available power and distribute it fairly, ensuring that twice as many EV charging stations can be connected to the system. The software together with industry leading hardware manages and distributes power to where it is needed most, ensuring that all batteries are charged and ready.

System Surge Protection - Optional Extra

Sophisticated electronics are behind the scenes in the Evolute panel giving peace of mind to owner’s, property managers and board members, knowing that the entire system and the downstream charging stations are protected from unwanted surges that may occur in the building.

No Wi-Fi Required

Evolute does not rely on Wi-Fi to operate nor does it require interconnectivity between charging stations. A hard-wired internet connection is brought straight to the panel from the building’s communication room or remote router. If the internet is compromised for whatever reason, the panels on board PLC and memory storage will allow for uninterrupted charging. When the system is back online all data will be available for viewing and reports.

Remote On / Off

The Evolute App gives each owner full remote control of their charging station. If you are on vacation for an extended period of time or just want to make sure no one is using your power while you are away for the day, you can remotely control your EVCE with a click of a button.

Compatible with lvl 2 charging stations

Evolute was designed with the end user in mind, we promote and encourage owners to research and choose the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that best suits their needs. Often a Level 2 receptacle or a junction box for future use can be installed. The system is compatible with all EVSE makes and models.

Made in Canada

Evolute is designed, developed and manufactured in Canada using cutting edge innovation and technology while utilizing Canada’s best talent.

Expert implementation

Condo Board Consultation

Custom designed EV Infrastructure

Grant Application Assistance

In house licensed electricians

How we implement
Smart EV infrastructure
in your condo.

Ideally this procedure should be completed before the board receives an EVCS request. Corporations have 60 days to respond to an owners EVCS request. If an Application is received during this procedure, it may require the board to speed up their evaluation and decision process.

Free data evaluation and load assessment report

Provide us with some basic information including, electrical drawings, single line diagrams and 12 months of hydro bills so we can determine available power and customize and EV SMART Infrastructure solution that will maximize available power.

Free on site evaluation

Our experienced project planning team will visit your site to gather information on your electrical system and available capacity. Once complete, we will provide you with a written site report and evaluation to help you select what kind of installation is best for your needs.

Design and build

Provide us with some basic information including, electrical drawings, single line diagrams and 12 months of hydro bills so we can determine available power and customize and EV SMART Infrastructure solution that will maximize available power.

Install and implementation

Your EV Smart System is ready to be installed. Our Project manager together with the site foreman and electricians will coordinate a seamless installation with minimal disruptions to the day to day life of the Condominium.

EV charging stations

Your Condo is now EV ready! Owners can tap into the smart infrastructure and bring power to their parking spot. Choose any charging station as you are not limited to an expensive, exclusive system. Monitoring and billing is accessible, there is no contract or monthly fee.


Data Evaluation

Load Assessment

Electrical Report

Owners Survey

Design & Build

Determine how much spare electrical capacity exists in the building as well as how many EVCS the building can support. You will be asked to provide; Single Line Diagrams, 12 Months of Hydro Bills and Garage Layout Drawings.

Once all the info has been received, an Onsite Evaluation will help determine where the infrastructure will be installed. The cost of the Electrical Report should not exceed $1,000.00 and may be provided at no cost if the findings and solutions can be presented to the board.

An EV Survey will help determine actual EV interest among owners in the Condo. The survey will support the previous evaluation and help management and the board understand who already owns an EV, who is interested in purchasing an EV and who would like to see the Condo become EV ready.

Feedback from the survey will help determine which EVCS option is right for the condominium and where and how to begin the installation. The survey could reveal that several interested owners are all located on the P2 Level, this info will help shape the first steps of implementation.

Get Started Today

Once the above steps have been completed, a board meeting should be scheduled to present the findings and review various solutions.

The Ultimate
Smart Solution

Our system gives condos the most flexibility while offering true EV Infrastructure and load management. The load management and multi-metering is all done at the panel, each owner can install whichever EVCS they want in their spot, without the need to boost Wi-Fi in the garage. There are no fees or contracts with this system, data is available to each user as well as to the Condo manager.

Off-site billing and collecting is available as an additional option, there are minimal service charges to the end user. Owners are not locked in to a long-term contract, all billing is based on month to month usage.

The cost of the infrastructure can be divided between each user, as owners tie into the Smart System they will pay a one time access fee. once the panel is at full capacity the total cost of the infrastructure will be fully reimbursed to the corporation. There are no cost to non EV owners and the Condominium is set up with proper infrastructure that is scalable if needs change in the future.

Single Run Install

This option allows each condo owner to tap into an existing electrical panel and install an EVCS in their spot. All costs should be covered by the owner, this includes installing a manual check meter which the condo corporation will use to bill for power usage. Average cost per complete install and all applicable permits $4,000.00 – $7,000.00

This option removes any responsibility from the condo and all costs and energy usage is covered by the owner. This option is not recommended, as it is a short term solution that sets a precedent for allowing others to tap into existing electrical panels without proper load assessments. This also drastically reduces the number of EVCS that the condominium can accommodate in the future.

Pay-As-You-Go Charging

This option is for the Condominium to install Pay-as-you-go EVCS in visitor parking. This system is accessible to everyone and the Condominium can recoup the cost of electricity used.

There is a cost to install this system, typically $4,000.00 – $6,000.00 per station and there are monthly service fees associated with this approach. This solution is limited to the amount of available parking space and total amount of users. Once there are more EV drivers than available stations, potential problems can arise between EV owners, thus necessitating management to get involved by managing charging times etc.. This approach does not necessarily satisfy Ontario Regulation 48/01 of the Condominium Act 1998. There is no real ROI on these stations as it will take the corporation years to recoup the cost.

Networked Personal Charging

This option is a Smart Networked Charging Station that communicates over Wi-Fi. These Networked EVCS have load sharing, data management and is a scalable solution. This option requires the installation of a dedicated panel for the EVCS system. Each user will pay to have conduit run from the panel to their parking spot. Each user will have the same brand EVCS that will monitor usage and load share, allowing more cars to charge at the same time. There are contracts and monthly fees to the end user and the EVCS Company will retain 15-20% of the revenue collected. While this may seem as a viable option, it does not allow individual owners to select their own station and because it is Wi-Fi dependent, load sharing will not work in case the Wi-Fi is down.


Every Condo has it’s own unique EV requirements. Let us help you choose the right option for you.

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At EVdirect Inc. we specialize in smart, controlled, and monitored power distribution. We focus on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for single dwelling, multi-residential and commercial buildings.

Our goal is to design and build infrastructure that grows with the needs of the end-users and administrators in a perpetually changing environment. The process all starts with a plan; we determine the needs of the application and assess the infrastructure and capacity to evaluate potential solutions. We work closely with utilities, inspection authorities and our customers to ensure that they are educated and aware of the many options and price points of an expandable system.

EVdirect has its own in-house teams of electricians, engineers, auditors, and project managers, ensuring smooth and controlled implementation of any size system.

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